Ship agency

Agency department of "AGRO-RENI" provides a variety of services in the field of marine agency:

  • settlement and execution of all formalities related to the arrival and departure of ships from the port;
  • we take all possible measures for the speedy processing of ships and the timely processing of necessary cargo documents;
  • hire of stevedores when loading and unloading is the responsibility of the shipowner;
  • collection of freight and other charges, as well as their transfer to shipowners in the shortest possible time;
  • payment of port charges due to the shipowner;
  • we take measures to settle claims in the interests of the shipowner;
  • preparation of timesheets, provide their signature by the representatives of the sender or the consignee;
  • provide a vessel (in accordance with the instructions of the shipowner issued for each individual case, or at the request of the captain) the following services: the organization of the supply of hopper, technical materials, provisions, and medical crew members if it is necessary;
  • provision of tallymen and winches, organization of overtime work, work on Sundays and holidays of stevedores, as well as ship repairs, informing the shipowner or his representative about the cost of these works;
  • assistance to the captain during the acceptance of the vessel in the time charter and return to the shipowner;
  • order of the pilot, and provision of pilotage;
  • organization of mooring operations;

As well as performing other tasks related to ensuring the interests of the ship and its maintenance, as soon as possible.