Forwarding is one of the most important stages on the way to the customer. Forwarders of "AGRO-RENI" offer a comprehensive solution of all issues related to the provision of shipping services:

  • intraport cargo forwarding;
  • acceptance and subsequent shipment of goods;
  • control of cargo condition;
  • assist clients in strategic issues relating to the carriage of goods;
  • choice of the most optimal route and method of cargo transportation;
  • search and chartering of vehicles;
  • timely delivery of the vehicle to the place of loading and unloading the cargo;
  • registration of the documentation accompanying the goods, and customs documents;
  • loading, unloading, crushing, consolidation and storage of goods;
  • registration of approvals for the transport of dangerous and small-sized cargo and their escort;
  • full control of cargo transportation.